What is a Flexi-schedule?

  •  May and June offers your child the ability to continue the gymnastics class they love, while allowing parents the flexibility to fit EVERYTHING flexicalinto their busy spring family schedule! In term five, we adjust the “same class every week” model for a more flexible approach.
  • May/June classes run from May 1 to June 17.  Rather than attending class every week on the same day, you can book your six classes at any time throughout the session.

How do I enroll in the Flexi-schedule option?

  • EVERYONE is already enrolled in a flexi-schedule option during Term Five.
  • Please note that not all classes are offered multiple times per week.  If your class is only offered once, the flexi-schedule is not available.

I want to participate in the Flexi-schedule….. now what?

  • You will need to choose the classes you will attend and contact the office to book them.
  • Everyone will continue to have a “base class”,  the class that they will attend most often.  When you come to class on days that are not your “base class” you will stop at the desk to get a Flexi-pass.

Still have questions?

Feel free to talk with Heather, Laurie or Kathy S at the front desk. Or call 603-642-7200!