We know that things gets busy, children get sick…life happens. 

We offer unlimited make up classes for those times when you just can’t get to class. Please remember that attendance in the same class with the same teacher on a regular basis helps maintain a positive class experience or your child (and the other children in class).  In order to provide a quality program for all our students, we have set in place the following guidelines.

  • Make up classes are not guaranteed.  Action Kids at Brentwood Commons reserves the right to refuse to offer a make-up if we feel it will affect safety or lessen the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class.
  • Failure to attend a scheduled make up class will result in the forfeiture of that class.  Remember to maintain our class ratio, we must limit the make up classes available.  Scheduling a make up  that you don’t use may deny another student and opportunity to participate in that class. Please take a moment to call and cancel if you are unable to attend.
  • Make ups can be made up at any time providing you maintain continuous enrollment.  Any accumulated make up classes will be lost once you withdraw from classes.
  • We do not limit the amount of make ups a child can do; however, we strongly recommend that for optimum learning you child maintain a consistent class schedule.

How to Book a Make Up Class

1.  Consult our class schedule for your child’s level. Click here for a class schedule.

2.  Call our office and we will schedule your child into the class of your choice pending availability.

3.  On the day of the make up class, please take your child’s pass off the front bulletin board to give to the coach.  Remember, your child may not have the same teacher for the make up class as they do for their regular class.

Inclement Weather Information

When we cancel classes due to inclement weather we will send out a SMS text message.  Please make sure that we have a cell phone number on file.  We also post a notice and on Facebook.  We do not base our cancellations on the closure of any of the surrounding school districts.   In other words, just because your child’s school is cancelled does not mean we will be closing.  If you are unsure, may we suggest that you call no sooner than one hour before your scheduled class.

Please note.  We only post cancellations on Facebook. We do not make a special posting to indicate we are staying open.