Begin Here…Go Anywhere!

Gymnastics is a great sport for boys of all ages!

In gymnastics class, your son will learn to run, jump, and balance, to develop his coordination and body awareness and to become stronger and more flexible!  These basic skills are important building blocks for other activities and team sports!

Boys will focus on the men’s apparatus; learning skills on floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar as well as Tumble Trac and trampoline.  Typically the lesson plan each week will include three of the events as well as warm up and cool down activities.

Gyminators (GymStars)

Boys Age 4 through Kindergarten

This program will challenge energetic young boys with a curriculum full of strength and agility.  Fun is the name of the game with many other positive side effects such as coordination and flexibility.  Other areas targeted are more mentally demanding such as discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem and turn taking. Gyminators is a 60 minute class.

Ninja Challenge

Another great program for boys is our Ninja Challenge Program. We offer Ninja challenge to children aged 4 and older.   Click here for class details

Boys Fliptastics

Boys 1st Grade and older

This program teaches boys gymnastics skills on all of the men’s equipment; Floor Ex, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Vault, Pommel Horse and Still Rings.  We also incorporate rotations on the Trampoline and Tumble Trak to round out a fun, and challenging curriculum.  Benefits of gymnastics include increased strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  Other areas targeted are more mentally demanding such as discipline, self-motivation and  self-esteem. Boys Fliptastics is a 60 minute class.

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