Below are updated/current Covid Protocols for September 2021.  As we all know, this unprecedented health crisis is ever changing and evolving.   Our goal is to create a safe and healthy environment for all our athletes and staff and we will make changes to our protocols as the need arises.

  • Most of our staff are vaccinated.  Those who are not, are required to wear masks at all times while in the facility.
  • At this time, we are not requiring our athletes to wear masks; all students who want to wear a mask will be fully supported by our staff.
  • Our viewing area will remain closed for spectators during class.  Parents should plan on walking students into the building and our staff will assist in getting them ready for class.  If your child will benefit from a little extra support getting into class, parents will be able to walk them upstairs to the viewing area to get them settled.  However; once class begins, we ask that you watch from your car on Spot TV. Please remember that the bulk of our students are under age 12 and ineligible for the vaccination.  We are keeping the viewing areas closed to decrease their chance of exposure.
  • We are offering “Spot TV” during your child’s class where you will be able to log on through the Spot TV app on your smart phone and watch from home or the parking lot.  Details on how to use this service will be available after registration.
  • Whenever possible please come dressed for class.
  • We will continue to operate at less than 100% capacity to ensure we are able to maintain distance between the groups.
  • We will continue to  staggered start times and increased the time in between classes to minimize the students co-mingling in between classes.
  • We will continue to completely disinfect and sanitize the program areas daily. Cleaning protocol. We use Electrostatic cleaners and CDC approved disinfectant to thoroughly clean and sanitize in all surfaces in the gym including all equipment and props.
  • Please note that these guidelines are subject to change as we receive guidelines from the CDC and State of New Hampshire.