Team GBC

Harry Potter House Cup Challenge


This week, the Professors of Hogwarts will be giving the students conditioning challenges in Defense Against the Dark Arts Class – have to make sure they can fight off those dementors!




The Hogwarts students all passed Transfiguration Class with flying colors!
Current standings show Slytherin House in first place, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tied for second, and Hufflepuff in third.
Next up – Defense Against the Dark Arts!
Week 2 – Welcome to Transfiguration Class!


This week the professors will be looking for the Hogwarts students who best use the “Vera Verto” spell to transfigure their gymnastics to earn house points. Straighten that leg that’s always bent…find that shape you’ve been working on…beautify your presentation!


And don’t forget to wear your house colors!


It was a magical week in Potions Class for the Harry Potter House Cup Challenge! Slytherin was the first house to collect all of their Polyjuice Potion ingredients, with Gryffindor second, Ravenclaw third, and Hufflepuff fourth.
The current standings are super close with Slytherin and Ravenclaw tied with 34 points, and Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tied with 29 points!
Stay tuned for next week’s class – Transfiguration!


Week 1 – Welcome to Potions Class!

This week (starting Oct. 5), the students of Hogwarts will be collecting the ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion. Professors will be giving out ingredients for things like new skills, great corrections, and more. The first house to collect all of their ingredients will be awarded 20 house points, second will be 15, third will get 10, and fourth will get 5. Good luck to all the houses!

And don’t forget to wear your house color the first practice of each week!


On Monday, October 5th, Team GBC will be kicking off the Harry Potter House Cup Challenge!

Each week in October will feature a different challenge for the Houses to compete in and earn house points. The house with the most points by Halloween will win the House Cup!

For extra points, wear your house color your first practice of every week. And a bonus point if you bring anything Harry Potter related!

Find out what house you’ve been sorted into below (in alphabetical order by last name)!





Professor K2
Professor Jen
Ava Backus
Kendall Barton
Finley Bassett
Molly Baut
Talia Berger
Jordyn Chesbro
Lyric Cinelli
Lilly Dale
Henri Dickerson
Mackenzie Dillon
Ellie Gustavson
Ethan Hardy
Ada Hayes
Charlotte Himber
Lucas Leombruno
Skylan Mace
Sydney MacVicar
Jessica Magyar
Jadyn Marshall
Madi McManus
Joshua Pelland
Maddie Picard
Ainsley Piehler
Sophia Spencer
Elaina Villaflores

Professor Gian
Professor Chris
Lily Bassett
Owen Bassett
Melanie Bernard
Brooke Bonilla
Lauren Chute
Nadia Ciecko
Cori Cotter
Sadie DiStefano
Christian Drouart
Ava Duxbury
Makaila Ellis
Molly Himber
Kate Hyles
Ryan Leombruno
Covey Mason
Finley Mason
Jenna Mermet
Autumn Niemi
Casey O’Neil
Hana Phaneuf
Georgia Stone
Ellie Sullivan
Dylan Valade
Brandon Walker
Hailey Woods

Professor Cassie
Professor Carlos
Claire Ahern
Caroline Bowie
Ben Coveney
Julia Dudley
Timmy Foley
Emma Greenberg
Dylan Hagerty
Annaliese Hetherington
Zinnia Hopkinson
Kat Laventure
Alexis Levine
Grant MacDonald
Madi MacDonald
Becca Martin
Martelle McBride
Arlo McGinty
Riley Nickola
Abby Owens
Shayna Petit
Sophia Phaneuf
Kristen Ross
Gwen Shea-McAskill
Lucy Vigliotte
Cameron Walker
Erin Wells

Professor Brandon
Professor Diane
Molly Ahern
Isaiah Asamoa
Anna Bassett
Amanda Beason
Elisa Bianco
Shannon Carroll
Kennedy Cook
Henry Dudovicz
Marcus Gagnon
Taryn Gregoire
Lexi Hartin
Phoebe Hopkinson
Ada Jones
Emery Lacasse
McKinley Moulton
Jackson Pelland
Lily Read
Shannon Ross
Anna Sciola
Emmie Spagna
Chloe Stuart
Chase Treitel
Ashley Young