Action Kids at Brentwood Commons offers a variety of classes for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

Why choose gymnastics?

Coordination, strength, balance and courage, that’s why!  Gymnastics will give your child a foundation for any sport they choose in the future.  Our classes are a great time to meet new friends and develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Tumble Girls

 Girls ages 4 years to Kindergarten

This is the first year of our program that we separate the children by gender.  Tumble Girls maintains the playfulness of  Tumble Bear classes while adding a more challenging skill curriculum.    This is when basic gymnastic fundamentals really begin taking shape.  Girls will gain self confidence and strength that will serve them for a lifetime.  This class is one hour in length.


Kinder Girls

Girls Currently in Kindergarten

Success is achieved on an individual basis helping each child gain confidence and the skills needed to move to our Fliptastics skill based program.   Kinder Girls is a one hour class full of fun and learning.  As your child practices and prepares for two fun meets during the year, you will see skill combinations begin to come together and see the pride in them!

Children who are determined to need a more accelerated program will be recommended by their teacher for our Hotshots program.