Toddlers are full of energy and wonder and we have just the program for them! 

Whether you are looking for a structured class for your little one or some play time with friends, let Action Kids be your child’s favorite activity!

Parent and Me ~ Children three and younger

The focus of these playful parent and tot classes is your child!  The 45-minute class couples the basic, such as gymnastics terminology and beginning gymnastics positions, with fun activities to enhance development of age-appropriate loco motor skills, gross motor skills and spatial awareness.  Much of this class is learning how to socially interact with other children and meet new friends.  Parents, where else can you come and meet so many like-minded people who share your parenting philosophy?  Many lifelong friendships have started in these classes.

Tumble Tots ~ Walking to 2 1/2 years
Tumble Bugs ~ 2 to 3 1/2

Tumble Bears ~ Three year olds

In Tumble Bears, the children participate in the class without parental participation.  The focus is on improving gymnastics skills and increasing body awareness while incorporating cooperative group activities and games.  Fun, while learning, is what we have in store for your child.  Much of what is learned in Tumble Bears is intangible.  Friendships are forged and we begin to develop a sense that we can have independence from our parents…even if it is just for a short period of time!