Girl’s Fliptastics gymnastics is designed for girl’s 1st grade and older.

Girls will focus on the women’s apparatus; learning skills on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. as well as Tumble Trac and trampoline. Typically, the lesson plan each week will include three of the events as well as warm up and cool down activities.

Girls first grade and older will be placed in a Fliptastics class based on their skill level. Each level will focus on skills appropriate to that level. We offer classes for children 3rd grade and older; however they are not limited to those classes only, they can register in any Fliptastics class of their level. Children 1st and 2nd grade are restricted from enrolling in the 3rd grade and older classes.

Flip 1 – (Beginner skills)
60 Minute class.

At this level we focus on the very basic skills on each of the event, These include:  forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, on floor; casts, pullovers and strength on bars; and on beam we will focus on basic walking and jumping and developing greater balance and control. We also incorporate drills designed to increase strength and overall level of fitness.

Flip 2 – (Advanced beginner)
60 Minute class.

Once the basics have been mastered in Flip 1 we continue to develop the basics while introducing more challenging skills.  These include:  1 arm cartwheel, backward roll, bridge, kickover.  We continue to increase strength and flexibility.

Flip Three – (Advanced Skills)
60 minute class

Builds upon the progressions and skills your daughter learned in Flip One and Flip Two.  This class offers a faster paced curriculum and challenging environment.