Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss something? If you have any other questions; please email the office at [email protected]

A typical camp day schedule can be found by clicking on each of the age groups under the Summer Camps tab on our website.  Each day includes a structured swim lesson and open swim time.  Other activities, such as gymnastics, game zone, creation station and nature vary day to day.

Swim lessons are part of the daily program for all campers. We firmly believe this is a life skill and essential to the safety of all children. Gymnastics/Ninja lessons are scheduled 2 to 3 per week as part of the exercise/cardio program. A camper’s schedule of activities is based on a full week enrollment.

Yes. To provide the best program planning, appropriate staffing ratios and for overall physical safety, our camp has 11 camp groups. Campers are assigned to a group by age/grade level. There are times throughout the day where the groups will interact with each other.

Our target camper to counselor ratio is 6:1 for the Bouncing Bears

Our target camper to counselor ratio is 8:1 for the following groups::   Red Racers, Yellow Rockets, White Waves, Orange Comets and Silver Storm, Green Machine and Blue Blazers.

Our target camper to counselor ratio is 10:1 for the Leader In Training groups

During swim lessons, depending on swimming ability, the camper to staff ratio ranges from 3:1 to 6:1. We pride ourselves on small ratios making our swim lessons a successful part of camp. Group Counselors remain with their group during swim lessons and assist campers who are out of the pool. There is a lifeguard and pool manager/supervisor on deck all day and we increase lifeguard and counselor supervision during open swim times.
Each child is swim tested for their swim lesson placement and again for their open swim group. For open swim, non-swimmers will receive a red swim necklace, which limits them to the very shallowest areas of our pool.  Swimmers who can swim one length of the pool independently will receive a yellow necklace and be allowed to swim in the areas up to 5ft.  Our best swimmers will earn a green necklace and be allowed to swim in the deep end.  To earn the green necklace, they must complete the following without stopping or touching the bottom or sides; jump in and safety float for 5 seconds, then roll over, swim into the deep end, stop, tread water for 20 seconds, roll back over and swim to the side of the pool, and finally they must be able to pull themselves out of the pool independently.
Your child would receive assistance from their counselor. We have pool side changing areas with 8 private change rooms. Children are supervised by multiple staff members during change time.
Yes. Our camp is not licensed as a day care.
All counselors are CPR/First Aid certified and required to attend pre-camp training sessions. We run background checks on all camp staff and follow State of NH and ACA guidelines with regard to staff training. Our counselors are chosen for their ability to nurture campers. They learn to help campers build confidence, independence, friendship skills and promote inclusion.
Each situation is unique and it would depend on your child’s specific needs. All special needs requirements need to be discussed with our Camp Directors at registration. They can be reached via email at [email protected].
Our licensing regulations do not require us to have a registered nurse on staff. However, all staff are CPR/First Aid certified. We are lucky that police, fire, EMS are two minutes away from our campus.
Yes, a medical consent form for administering medication must accompany any and all types of medication that come with your child to camp.  The form can be found and uploaded in your parent portal. Medication will be dispensed by the on-duty camp director.
The camper’s counselors are notified in the morning as to what time the camper needs to be brought to the office for scheduled medication. Please remember that a medical consent form for administering medication must accompany any and all types of medication that come with your child to camp. 
No. We do not keep OTC medication on hand. However, if your child is prone to headaches or stomachaches, you may bring in some OTC medication along with the medical consent form to keep on hand.
We do not provide sick care. You would be contacted and asked to pick your child up from camp.

Drop-off and Pick-up will be at our roundabout immediately on your right after entering our facility for all groups. On your first day of camp, you will receive “Drop Off/Pick Up Car Signs” with your child’s name and color group on them. Please place one of these signs on the right side of your dashboard during drop-off and pick-up. You can also watch our “Pick up and Drop off video”

Due to our afternoon schedule, we cannot accommodate camper pickups between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm (end of the regular camp day). If you need to pick your camper up early, please pick them by 3:00 pm.   Please email [email protected] so we can expect you.
Yes. It is important that you pre-register via the camp portal so we can ensure proper staffing. Providing appropriate staff supervision for camper safety and well-being are our primary concern.
We understand this can happen on occasion. Please call the front office if you are going to be late. We will supervise your camper until you arrive. If it is at the end of the day, we will keep your child with the other campers scheduled for late care. If it is a half day situation, we will keep your child with their group. Ask us about rates.
Please speak to the camp directors regarding participation in other programs. We try to accommodate all requests, but due to staffing ratios, we may be unable to help. We do not offer discounts for an overlap in schedules.

We strongly urge you to arrive on time. We start each day with a “Hut Huddle” and “Morning Rally”. By not starting the camp day with their group, your child will miss out on these morning gatherings that are meant to connect campers with their counselors and build community within their group.

Our staff strive to make every day at camp a positive and fun adventure and are experienced at helping children make the transition. It is helpful to know why your child does not want a day at camp. We encourage you to talk with the Camp Director. If you decide it is best to keep your child at home, please call the office and let us know.

We do not place older and younger campers together in the same group. The developmental needs of each group are strongly considered in all aspects of our camp experience; creative, educational and physical. However, there are times during the day and during specific events when siblings have an opportunity to get together.

Please call the office to let us know your child won’t be here.

Please call the office to let us know your child will be out sick.

We are unable to provide make up camp days.

No. If a camp swim lesson is cancelled due to safety issues, an on-land swim related/safety program with the swim instructors is substituted in its place.

No. Camp gymnastics lessons are scheduled 3x per week. Make-ups are not offered.

Please apply sunscreen before your child arrives at camp. Sunscreen will be re-applied after lunch on all campers. If you would prefer to send your own sunscreen, please send the labeled sunscreen in with your camper AND indicate that you will be doing so on your camp forms.

Our grounds are professionally treated bi-weekly throughout the season, with a natural non-toxic deterrent. We do not routinely apply bug spray to campers.

Any personal belongings that are found will be placed in the “Lost And Found” deck box located by the sign in/sign out tables.  We strongly encourage you to label all of your child’s belongings with last names! All lost and found items are kept for two weeks and then cleaned and donated to charity.